Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1

Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1

Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1

Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

A cash register system made up of professional cash register computers. NCR Real POS 80C and 12 (30 cm) 800x600 touchscreen monitor is. A good and inexpensive solution for gastronomy and retail. A professional cash register computer should have at least 1x RS-232 interface to a POS printer, or possibly also connect touchscreen. In addition, a till PC should have such a cooling system that the processor works even if the CPU fan stops.

The electronic components that make up your cash register computer should be suitable for continuous operation. The advantage - current-carrying RS-232 interface (s) and USB with 12V and / or 24V power supply. For example, professional cash register computers are NCR RealPOS 80C and the associated 30cm (12) POS monitor. The NCR RealPOS 80C has an Intel Pentium 2.5Ghz processor, very well cooled, 512MB DD-RAM. (very easy to upgrade, with PC333 / PC400 modules), 80 GB hard disk (also easy to upgrade if necessary). SlimLine CDROM for software installations, "normal" as well as live USB slots. A printer can be operated via the parallel interface (LTP), a 10/100 network card is also available.

The keyboard and mouse can be operated via PS / 2. That brings even more stability. Graphics card has DVI and VGA ports. Thanks to DVI it also works with WideScreen Displays, as well as with the classic ones. 4: 3 displays via VGA and DVI.

This cash register PC can logically also be used as a normal desktop PC, and thanks to RS-232 and LPT slots as a control computer, even in continuous operation. Ports / Interfaces: 4x 12V Powered USB; 1x 24V Powered USB, 1x Normal USB 1x RJ45 10/100 LAN; 3x Powered Serial RS-232, 1x Normal Serial RS-232 1x PS / 2 mouse, 1x PS / 2 keyboard, 1x LPT (printer port), 1x VGA + 1x DVI-I. The NCR RealPOS 80C POS system was specially developed for retail environments: Robust construction, was in use at a retail chain until the very last moment (afterwards we checked it professionally).

And now offers high reliability for fast data processing. NCR RealPOS as a compact checkout workplace - just the thing for small and medium-sized companies. High reliability thanks to particularly robust components is always offered.

In the picture on the left. Monitor angle can be adjusted. Software "Expresskasse" is already on the hard drive; It was installed and set up.

This software is for retail, for street sales or as gastronomy software for small. A version with Allen functions, now limited to 30 days. If the software suits you - you can activate the full version and all articles that you have entered so far remain. This software also works in ÖS (VAT rate 20%) and also in Switzerland (8%).

If this software does not suit you or your needs change at some point - you can work with any other program. One should only make sure that the resolution 800x600 is sufficient. Our internal statistics also suggest that almost Allen customers really like this software.

, and the price is very attractive. As I said, one is a software for retail and works in the same way in small restaurants (street vending, bar, tanning salon) where you do not need table management. Other ways to use the NCR cash register, also for professional retail with warehouse and customer management, as well as for restaurants with bar counter, terrace, restaurant with table management.

With printer and without printer you will find with us HERE. POS computer NCR RealPOS 80 as described, cable and touchscreen monitor. Condition: Used, is in good optical condition.

A few licenses of professional till software for retail and wholesale "GS order". This software works very well on the NCR till.

It is professional software with customer management, split into 5 customer groups, sorted by price, warehouse management with warning if a minimum quantity has been reached, own "history" for all customers and for all articles and with many other functions. Use this software themselves, and if you have any questions, contact. Each invoice can be printed out at a later date and converted to credit. Every customer can be found easily, incl.

Sorting by name, zip code etc. Each article can be described separately, with 5 price columns for various Customer groups, possible discounts, with inventory data, inventory and inventory management. Each article can be managed individually. Each position has its own article history: you can see. Who ever bought this commodity; You can also see who each customer bought and when.

Everything is not a problem! Software: It is usually sufficient. The item "Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1" is in sale since Monday, January 4, 2016. This item is in the category "Business\Cash Register & Accessories\Cash Registers"." and is located in Nürnberg.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

Cash Register System till Pos Pc Ncr Realpos 80c 12 30cm 800x600 Screen 1

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