Display Elo Touchscreen Thick Glassplatte Demostand Till Customer 2x Lamp

Display Elo Touchscreen Thick Glassplatte Demostand Till Customer 2x Lamp

Display Elo Touchscreen Thick Glassplatte Demostand Till Customer 2x Lamp
Display Elo Touchscreen Thick Glassplatte Demostand Till Customer 2x Lamp. The description of this item has been automatically translated. For cash register systems (POS), demo stands, information terminals, learning materials, etc.

9cm diagonal (15.3), thick Elo glass surface (safe and stable), very easy to care for, incl. As part of an action, we were supposed to dismantle several industrial information terminals that were to be used in public areas e. Airports, train stations, permanently, around the clock. In the process, very high-quality monitors with a beautiful, bright picture, with an Elo touchscreen on unbreakable glass, with excellent robustness and color rendering, with a live graphics card and cable were created. Such a display can be used very flexibly...

In almost Allen imaginable location, e. Also suitable for continuous operation: for Internet caf├ęs, at the counter, POS / PC cash registers, public Internet kiosk systems, competitions, signposts as a replacement for the porter, order terminals, information walls, trade fair guides, ticket ordering machines, in children's rooms, as a play device, as a serious touch in the VIP -Room for demonstrations, slide shows, etc..

Touchscreens used to be expensive and exotic human-machine interfaces for high-tech applications, now those days are over! Harnessing the power of touch technology for a variety of applications. Due to the fundamental advantages of touch technology, the touch screen has become the standard in a wide variety of facilities such as kiosks, hospitals, medical practices, control of industrial processes and in the retail sector. With the touchscreen, all types of digital media can be accessed quickly and easily, i.

They practically eliminate operating errors, as the user can choose from clearly defined menus and does not have to struggle with the keyboard or mouse. Without fear of contact, the user can be guided through complex procedures without the need for training, because after all, he cannot make any mistakes.

Other advantages are that they are compact and ensure that no space is wasted. Because space is precious and so it is used efficiently because the input device is already fully integrated into the monitor. Its flat design contributes significantly to further space savings. In addition, the greatest advantage is that there are no annoying cables in front of the monitor that could get tangled or damaged.

Another big plus is its durability and ease of care, as the touch is made of sturdy thick glass. The dimensions of the monitor with touchscreen surface are as follows: External dimensions: height 38.3 cm, width 45.4 cm Dimensions of the visible display: height 23.4 cm, width 31.1 cm, diagonal 38.9 cm (15.3 inches) Monitor depth: 7.5 cm. About its properties: Since it is a plasma device, everyone experiences strong, strong and full colors and that over the long term. The touch unit consists of 0.5 cm thick glass and is not made of plastic film. This makes the touch extremely robust against loads and pressures.

It is operated with the finger, a pen is not necessary. The graphics card for the monitor fits in every commercially available computer, provided there is a free PCI slot, but almost all of them have that. You no longer need a keyboard, Windows provides a virtual keyboard from the start as an input aid.

Simply press the buttons on the picture. The "evidence photo", real robust glass of the touchscreen. Below are some examples of how the device can be used.. You should make a corresponding cutout in the plate (if a craftsman should work), and so you get an advice terminal with touchscreen, a demo monitor for the presentation, a checkout monitor and, with appropriate insulation, also waterproof! Example: For customer service and sales workstations.

Example: In the children's room. 1x touchscreen monitor with graphics card (or several, if several are ordered). This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Retail & Shop Fitting\Cash Registers & Supplies"." and is located in this country: DE.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

Display Elo Touchscreen Thick Glassplatte Demostand Till Customer 2x Lamp

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